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Sureway Program Benefits


Sureway Program BenefitsWe take pride in our freight Brokers/Agents and strive to remain competitive while meeting and exceeding your needs. Your success is our goal, and providing you with the best tools in the transportation industry is our job. Although times continue to change, our quality, pride, and dedicated teamwork remain. We are proud of the strength in our financial backing, and our continued commitment to long-term relationships. The possibilities are endless as a broker / agent of the Sureway Transportation team.

Let's discuss how Sureway benefits your business!

After you've carved out a niche for yourself in this lucrative industry, you can set your sights on joining the team of leaders at Sureway Transportation. WE offer an unmatched support system, handsome rewards for hard work, and a true team atmosphere.

You Need Stability to Grow your Freight Broker Business

We guarantee prompt payments to our carriers, as well as to the transportation broker. With the real-time postings of available loads, you can operate your freight broker business more efficiently and have more of the tools you need to grow. If you enjoy the benefits of working independently as a freight broker but you're ready to take your business to the next level, move forward with the support of one of the country's leading freight broker companies.

Sureway Program Benefits

As a truck freight broker / agent for Sureway Transportation a few of the benefits you will appreciate are:

3-5 Day Carrier Pay
Weekly Paid Commissions
Timely Customer and Carrier Approval
Accurate Customer Billing
Real Time Load Posting
Administrative and Sales Support
42,000+ Approved Carriers
Claims Management Support