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Van BrokerIf you're working as an independent van broker but growth has been stagnant over the last few quarters, you may need to expand your operations. Unfortunately, good work doesn't guarantee that you will be able to grow on your own. While you may have had enough contacts to start up your freight broker business, it can be difficult to gain new clients as an independent van broker or flatbed broker. Companies often prefer to work with recognized names with documented financial stability rather than taking a chance on an independent broker.

Increase Your Van Broker Business by Teaming With Sureway Transportation Company!

With the help of Sureway Transportation Company, you'll get access to the resources you need to ramp up the bottom line of your freight broker business. Some of the advantages of working with our experienced team are:
    Access to a network of more than 42,000+ approved carriers that we have come to know
    Support from the administrative and sales staff of one of the largest transportation brokerages
               in the United States
    Timely payments to you and the carriers you work with
    Financial support, including use of our Surety bond and liability insurance

    With a large logistics company supporting you, you'll have all the tools you need for your van broker business to take off.

    To learn more about the benefits of tranisitioning your van broker operation with Sureway Transportation, you can contact us below:

    David Messmer - Western Region Agency Development Manager
    800-279-6307 - Phone
    214-636-8393 - Cell
    320-223-7637 - Fax
    Wade Carey - Eastern Region Agency Development Manager
    320-241-5922 - Cell
    320-223-7638 - Fax

    As a subsidiary of ATS Logistics Services, Inc., we have the financial backing that gives shippers confidence. Carriers love us because we pay in three to five days. Now you have the opportunity to put our reputation to work for you.