Straight Forwrd transportation, No matter what.
ATS Sureway backed by technology!


Why Sureway Transportation
Looking for a better way?

Sureway Transportation offers a better way for established broker offices and companies to grow your business. As one of the fastest growing transportation freight brokerage agent programs, we offer you an opportunity where experienced agents can increase their freight business by partnering with one of the largest privately held trucking companies in North America. Your business is yours, only we have your back. You operate with the STABILITY and FINANCIAL STRENGTH of our company.

As a freight broker with Sureway, you have the opportunity to make more money by moving more loads through our network of approved carriers. You decide how much you make, with your hard work.

Freight Brokerage Technology
We provide state-of-art proprietary load entry and dispatching software for all our agents. Our system is continually being updated and enhanced to make sure it is the best we can provide.

What's in a name?
You use our nationally recognized name. Sureway Transportation is an established and respected "Transport Topics" Top 25 Brokerage in North America.

Insurance and Bonding
You use our $250,000 Surety Bond, and Contingent Cargo Liability Insurance.

Administrative Support
Unparalleled administrative support and national sales support. We process and maintain all required paperwork for loads.

Available Loads
Real time available load posting every few minutes (DAT, ITS,

Fast Carrier Pay!
Unlike the freight brokerage standard of 21 days, at Sureway Transportation we pay our carrier's prompt, when we say prompt we mean 3-5 days from the receipt of the paperwork a check will be cut and sent back out to our carrier's. With Direct deposit available on request. We will even accept faxed paperwork if your customer will.

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